New Year 2023

New year Celebrations, a blessing pooja and a collective meeting of staffs were held on the 1st of January 2023 at the ECO Tower Head Office and earlier that day at Voltech Technopark, Pillaipakkam. Cheyyar and Kovur respectively. The CMD himself led the prayer ceremony this year with all his heads present. The MD congratulated all his staff members on the excellent effort. and advised all to be 'cost oriented' in identifying all areas where costs could be brought down. The MD appraised the gathering on the economic outlook for the company and the competitive horizon in the forthcoming periods. The New Year was a cool morning with the dew of the previous night yet to depart for the skies. With prayers for the world to recover from Covid-19 soon, as well as to have a good business structure in terms of revenue and new customers, the employees expressed optimism of the future and joined collectively in their prayers. After the ceremony was concluded. sweets and calendars were distributed to all employees by the CMD. along with the 2022 corporate diary.