Financial Year Pooja 2024

The prayer or pooja' for the New Year, conducted on the 1st of April. 2024. was a sacrosanct ceremony that conducted holy worship dedicated to Lord Ganesha with special invocations to benefit the company and its employees. The Pooja sought blessings of peace.serenity. growth and prosperity throughout the 2024-2025 period. As per the advice of the priest, the Pooja was conducted at the ground floor lobby area at the appointed mururath dedicated to pacification, peace and divine benevolence. The Pooja sought special blessings of prosperity and happiness. The Managing Director. Shri. M. Umapathi performed the ceremony on a sacred melon under guidance of a scholarly pandit. observing ritualistic formalities.

With the New Year witnessing more challenging situations in jobs, finance, and the economy on the whole, and challenges on the personal fronts for many employees such as money. relationships and health, the Pooja was performed to attain great mental strength. The Managing Director address after the ceremony advised heads to wisely channelize their and resources and to impart a controlled mental energy and difficul attitude towards difficult problems. The Pooja ceremony was financial officially concluded with the blessing of books, finan articles, the company's assets and the target projections which the MD personally handed over to each director at the end. The Managing Director's advice was centred on nurturing one's spiritual and intellectual conscience, and to be ethical in all circumstances, despite all odds.